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  • Welcome to the official website of Kaiqi Tent-to undertake tent business in various regions
    About us
    11 years
    Awning, awning rental, awning rental, spherical awning, movable awning, awning manufacturer
    Shanghai Kaiqi caravan Technology Co., Ltd( www.dbmcentroamerica.com )It is a well-known professional caravan company engaged in the design, manufacture, leasing and sales of caravan. The company introduces advanced concept of caravan construction in Europe and America, adopts domestic leading design and production system of caravan, including the safety level of caravan design, technology, materials, structure, fire prevention and wind prevention, and the matching set with the caravan As an operator, the "Caravan integration" has been realized, which further improves the applicability of the caravan. We tailor various tents for you, and provide suitable solutions for your activities.
    Product Center
    Relying on the design team and years of R & D experience, the product line of cage caravan has realized multi coverage and innovation. It can provide semi fixed and fixed buildings such as pointed roof tarpaulins, Party caravans, wine clubs, large caravans, caravans, spherical tarpaulins, special-shaped tarpaulins, polygonal caravans, double decks, hotel tents and other semi fixed and fixed buildings according to the needs of customers
    application area
    The awning is installed by module combination, which can be built quickly and flexibly according to the size of the venue. It is widely used in various sports events, auto shows, roadshows, outdoor weddings, enterprise celebrations, company gatherings, reception activities, outdoor promotion, product promotion, festival activities (clothing festival, beer festival, Food Festival), exhibitions, expositions, industrial semi permanent storage, emergency disaster relief, etc
    Industrial warehousing
    wedding ceremony
    Business activities
    sports culture
      Industrial warehousing
      Many companies are still using long-term storage facilities. Such facilities generally have problems such as long construction time, high cost, and non-reusable use.
      warehouse expansion. The main structure of the storage tent is aluminum alloy profile, which is light and safe, and the construction speed is fast. It can build a warehouse of about 1,000 square meters in 24 hours, shorten the construction period, quickly put it into use, and solve the troubles in the off and peak seasons in time.
      The Kaiqi warehouse tent is a light building, which adapts to various foundation environments and reduces the cost of foundation treatment. It can also make full use of the vacant land in the factory to meet the temporary space requirements. It can be reused many times, disassembled as you like, and it is convenient to transport and rebuild after disassembly, with almost no loss.
      Relying on these advantages, warehouse tents have been widely welcomed by manufacturing and logistics enterprises in recent years, and they have solved the problem of warehouses in low and peak seasons.
      business activities
      The economical, flexible, convenient and practical features of the tent make it widely applicable outdoors. The tent can be used in a variety of commercial activities, such as: opening ceremony, groundbreaking ceremony, large-scale conference, new product launching, etc., and Bring good activities to benefit enterprises.
    Why choose us?
    Kaiqi Tent is not only a manufacturer and seller of tents, but also a professional service provider for the integration of event resources. Relying on high-quality tent products, we also integrate various professional activity resources including furniture, production, interior decoration, air conditioning, temporary stands, luxurious carpets, etc.; and provide better coordination and integration according to the different needs of customers to provide one The integrated leasing program provides one-stop service.
    News Center
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